Microsoft To Discontinue Its Plan to Port Android Application to Windows 10

Dated today, Microsoft announced its plan of discontinuing with its developer partners in its integration of Windows 10 with the Android apps.

Microsoft To Discontinue Its Plan to Port Android Application to Windows 10

The recent decision made by Microsoft confirms leaks about company’s plan to kill the idea. Project Astoria was the codename, the idea is to port android app that was announced by Microsoft last years with similar plans with the Operation Bridge that will sync Windows and iOS that can help developers migrate windows software and website version apps to another platform.

The idea turns out having two technologies bridge together bringing the experience of mobile OS to Windows.

This unexpected announcement was released day after Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft. This developer allows a single language used to customize software for all platforms.

Microsoft truly understands it’s possible lost in mobile market share competition and the company spent two years ensuring its self developed own apps becomes available every platform so now they are partnering with a third party developers do the work for them.

For Microsoft, there many users who used its office and windows product no matter what type of device being used to run those applications, so the discontinuation of Microsoft’s plan to create a porting tool suggests its plan to bring iOS to Windows.

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