Microsoft to drop Windows Phone naming, mobile OS will be identified as Windows instead

A leaked picture from a mobile vendor called My Go has prompted what could be the end for Windows Phone.

Over the years, Microsoft has always called the mobile operating system Windows Phone, ie Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8.1.

But now, the PC giant is taking GIANT reforms on it’s mobile ecology beginning with the announcement of dropping the feature phones section of Nokia and the entire re-branding of future Nokia phones to Microsoft mobile.

Windows name Windows PhoneAccording to the picture which was branded confidential by the details upon it, Windows Phone will be written as Windows instead, as it was displayed on the phone in the picture.

The development leaves much to wonder. What will be the faith of Windows tablets? We may all know that “Windows” on smartphones is the Windows Phone OS, but how can we differentiate between a tablet running on full PC Windows and a tablet that utilizes WP?

The possible answer could be Microsoft. The company might decide to force all Windows-powered tablets to use the full PC Windows, thus, users need not be confused in what type of Windows that’s available on their devices.

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