Microsoft “forgives” Samsung over royalty fees

Microsoft headquarters
Last year, the mobile world shook on the eruption of accusations followed by court suits where Redmond, Washington PC giant, Microsoft, accused Samsung of not paying patent royalties on time and thus will will have to pay an extra $6.9 million in interest.

Fast-forward to now, the storm has died a quick death just as it arose as Microsoft and Samsung have now settled with an out-of-court agreement where the two agreed to bury the hatchet. A rumor making rounds on the Internet believes that Samsung has agreed to make more Galaxy Windows Phones in return of the fine.

How the patent story began

Back in 2013, some of Samsung’s Android smartphones infringed on Microsoft’s WP patents but the two companies agreed that Samsung should pay royalties to Microsoft. These royalties, estimates say, are to reach up to reach a total sum of $8.8 billion by 2017.

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