Microsoft Hides Its Plan for Windows 10 Future

Microsoft’s Windows 10 might the latest play for desktop and Tablet, but the implementation of its smartphone on Windows 10 caught our attention, obviously not on its flagship Lumia and 950 devices, but something little smaller, little less powerful, and cheaper.

Microsoft Hides Its Plan for Windows 10 Future

Last years, Microsoft reveals its Windows Phone where it offers a difference at a low end series. it was placed in budget device. That is the reason why Nokia excelled in the mobile market.

If the company wants to release heavily budget device on the market, then Lumia 535 would be the best one they can offer, a cheap yet attractive device. The device manufacturers understand low-end market where the old version chips and below standard specifications are those who are in need in the market.

Given the time, Windows 10 now sees it as alternative to all of its Android at low-end device specs sold in the market. Microsoft’s Lumia 535 proves that operating systems can run at 1.2 GHz SnapDragon with just 1GB of device RAM and 8GB phone storage.

Microsoft’s efficient operating system offers manufacturers a place in Google.

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