Microsoft Lumia 640 XL now selling for less than $70 in the US

We have seen the law of gravity act on a lot of things over our lifetime but one of the phone brands that have had the gravitational force pulling all of its prices across various models near to the ground has to be Microsoft and in today’s news, another one of their production has seen a price cut in the United States.


Not being aby other than the Lumia 640XL which has earlier had some dollars shaved off its head, the model now goes for less than $70 in the aforementioned region.
If you take a quick look at the official Microsoft website, you would find out that the device is still being sold for a price of $99.99 but a quick trip to Amazon would show you that you can pick up the sae device for just $69.99, a big $30 shaved off the official asking price. Note that for this price, you are not getting an unlocked device but rather, one that is hosted on the AT&T network.
For those that might be in need of a quick refresh, at this price, you would be getting a mid-range that offers you a Snapdragon 400 chipset working with 1GB RAM, an internal storage space of 8GB and a 3000mAh battery which powers both the front 5MP and rear 13MP camera units, all under the 5.7 inch of screen.

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