Microsoft Lumia 950 selling for lower than £280 in the United Kingdom

In the same vein as all of the recent pieces of news that talks about the Lumia products from the stables of Microsoft, there is another one now and before you guess it, let’s confirm that we have come to announce another price cut on anther model. If you stay in the United Kingdom and you would fancy yourself a unit of the rather high end Lumia 950, there is a deal going on at Expansys right now that would see you own a unit off the device for as low as £279.99.

Microsoft Lumia 950 selling for lower than £280 in the United Kingdom
A quick trip to the official Microsoft website for the UK would show you that they have it listed for more than that but then, they do not have it in stock in their own shops anymore so this is a double win situation for anyone that had been looking to own one of these models. Going elsewhere where the device is still listed for sale and is in stock such as Amazon and Carphone Warehouse, you would see that it sells for a higher price there too.
Kindly note that with Expansys also, they are listing for the model made for EU and they would only have it in stock in about 4 days likewise.

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