Microsoft Officially Confirms its Acquisition of Music App Groove In iOS

Microsoft just confirmed on its website about its recent acquisition of Groove music application,  the app available on iOS platform from startup Zikera. This information came several months ago after Microsoft mysteriously changed Xbox Music app to Groove.

Microsoft Officially Confirms its Acquisition of Music App Groove In iOS

As Zikera’s Music Application acquired by Microsoft, no other information available for us to share. Even Microsoft spokesperson told our source on email.

In a post made by Zikera team it revealed some information about the mentioned acquisition, acknowledging iOS app no longer available, but no more further info after then.

Looking back its first journey during iPod days, while most users struggled to play their favorite music and even experience difficulty in sorting out its favorite music. From that concept the team envisioned to create something that will answer those problems in the future. A program that is smart that it learns the taste and even the habits of the user, playing the right music at the perfect timing.

So the Groove music was realized, and it made a success in the community, Groove app has personalized playlists and what makes it amazing is that it is using virtual brain where it adopts the environment learning.

The team mentioned that more than 1.5 million people downloaded the app just from App store alone.

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