Microsoft Now Overhauling Its Research So Future Inventions Become Reality

On the record we can say that Microsoft Research does a bunch of remarkable effort. While its separate research group developed Xbox projectors and  holodecks, Microsoft often criticized for not really bringing technology to life.

Many of Microsoft’s invention hints what future technology is, but often forgetting about. So now Satya Nadella the new Microsoft CEO is trying to modify that.

The Bloomberg Business takes a closer look now at Microsoft’s research teams, and according to reports, Nadella saw a demonstration of the speech recognition and then wanted it integrate it on Skype Translator.

The research demonstration took place around 2014 in the month of February, and Nadella wanted a tool which combined with Skype for first public speech after three months. Considering it was a tight deadline, the Microsoft team delivered it and now shipping its Translator technology as part of desktop version of Skype.

In conjunction with Nadella’s demand, Microsoft started altering its research teams with a broader company. Microsoft reassigned more than half of 1,000 research employees last September of 2014 to a group called the MSR NExT.
“Getting pushed to find more significant ways it can contribute to the company’s products,” according to Bloomberg Business.

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