Microsoft planning to discontinue the Lumia line of smartphones by December

In the most recent past weeks, we have seen a lot of deals show up for the Lumia line up of smartphones and every time they came up, they are usually offered for very low prices and even sometimes, we get a freebie thrown into the entire package. We thought that these sellers were just looking to clear up their shelves for other products or wanting to cash in on the Windows initiative and now, we have new information that we can draw better inference from.

One of the internal sourced from Microsoft themselves has claimed that the OEM is looking to clear its stock of the Lumia and that is why we are seeing these deals. While this would easily excite any lover of the Lumia deice because it spells the wish to bring in new devices to replace the old ones, we are sorry to be the bearer of bad news but they are looking to end the Lumia line up altogether, and this is coming in December.

Even though we dent know what’s next for Microsoft after this Lumia experience, we surely believe that there would still be some units left in the market for those that want it for themselves after the period but just that they would be stopped from official productions

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