Microsoft pushes out update to the Lumia 550, “Double Tap to Wake” feature left out


Microsoft might be looking to drop the Lumia line-up according to some new reports but that does not mean that they have started to abandon the series from early on out. Recently, they started to push out new security updates to the Lumia 550 which runs on the Windows 10 Mobile platform and if you are getting this, you would know that it comes with a firmware version of 01078.00042.16352.50012.

This update is only available to the unlocked units of this smartphone and we are thinking that the carrier versions would also be getting it in not so long a time.

While there is no change log for this update, it brings on board some improvements related to the camera and also, connectivity in form of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular and the GPS functions. There is bound to be bug fixes and asides this, there is also some improvements related to stability.

If you are one of those that think that the “Double Tap to Wake” feature would be included on this one, think again because they have conveniently left it out.

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