Microsoft releases feature phone named Microsoft Nokia 216


Microsoft has made a most recent revelation in the world of phones and with this one, we are thinking that they are signing off the agreement that they have had with Nokia and this would be the last of Nokia devices that would be floated under their own brand name also.

The Microsoft Nokia 216, also coming in another variant that is slimmer than the original and base variant, is certainly far from what anyone would have been expecting, even given that it is not a smartphone in any sense of the word.

For the 216, one thing is sure and that is the fact that they were not keeping the users in the United States in mind when they were making this one. In terms of its poor specifications, we have a 2.4 inches of screen that has 320×240 pixels.

For RAM, there is 16MP on board and no, that is not a mistake. For the other equally unimpressive specs, the device which would be powered by a 1020mAh battery would run a 0.3MP shooter on the front.

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