Microsoft Revealed SIM Card based Data Service for Windows 10 Application


Microsoft is now preparing to initiate a contract free wireless service on all Windows personal computers, based on new applications that can be found on Windows store.


This initialization will allow users to connect anywhere with their Cellular data offering LTE, 3G and 4G service. Users then connect to service in the wireless network section that can be found on taskbar using personal Wi-Fi signal. This can be done by just connecting users Microsoft account directly on the app and the user will pay all the service cost directly on the Microsoft Store.

Based from the application listing, the mentioned services will be compatible in all Windows 10 run devices using the unofficial announced “Microsoft SIM card”.
Meanwhile, Transatel a French mobile carrier announced that they will provide 3G and LTE service on the Microsoft SIM cards. So meaning the Microsoft’s SIM cards will be based on Transatel’s SIM 901 card.

“We want to promote the adoption of cellular connectivity on Windows tablets and laptops to complement classic Wi-Fi connectivity and make it easier for consumers to connect to the internet, anywhere, anytime,” Microsoft Vice President Eric Lockard told The Register.

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