Microsoft service MixRadio Now Shutting Down

The popular Japan based messaging application Line recently announced to public that they will be closing down MixRadio a music streaming service.

Microsoft service MixRadio Now Shutting Down

It took one year and two months after the company bought the business rights from Microsoft last 2014 in the month of December. Line’s decision to close its Pandora like client service is due to its subsidiary’s or in short overall performance and its financial challenges posed by mp3 streaming market.

The company admits its difficulty to make money while providing streaming music is already hurting giant industries in media service like Spotify. And recently MixRadio picked its strategy to offer access to radio stations free and its offline mixes that will be supported by ads.

Financial problem is not the main reason why MixRadio’s has been closed down, the company insist that they have company’s top priority and they decision has been analyzed well.

last year, Takeshi Idezawa the company’s Chief Executive Officer said that after years of reinventing in order to attract users globally, Line decides to focus its priority is Asia. On the record the app has 215M monthly users, but the report shows that almost 65 percent are from Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan. The company reportedly developing localized services suited for the top countries, although MixRadio will be closed down, the company still available and will operate in Japan and Thailand.

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