Microsoft Surface Pro 3 gets update, fixes battery drain and more

If you are a proud owner of a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, you are in for a big treat as the software giant and mobile phone manufacturer have released new and improved updates for the device. The update, like each and every update is supposed to, brings alongside with it a lot of improvements on already existing features, kick starters for other new and exciting features and an overall fix for bugs detected in the system already.

Surface Pro 3

The update in general includes changes and fixes to the battery lifespan of the device, the keyboard and the fingerprint sensor on board.

Many of the users of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 have always complained about the kind of poor battery that the device has and hopefully, users would have a good story to tell after going for this update.

At this point, we feel it as a duty to remind you that if you do not want to wait till forever for the update notification to pop up on your screen, you could go to Settings instead and manually check for updates.

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