Microsoft to lay off 20% of Nokia employees in Finland

4,700 staff in Finland were among the 25,000 employees Microsoft acquired when it acquired Nokia earlier this year.

Microsoft to lay off 20 of Nokia employees in Finland
Bad news for those Finnish workers is that some 1/5 of them will be jobless when the month ends.  About 1000 Nokia employees will loose their jobs in Finland, reports say.

Microsoft wants to cut costs by all means as sales of Nokia phones have depreciated worldwide and labor must have decreased across Nokia offices sequentially

Microsoft is said to be planning to shut down Nokia’s Oulu R&D labs in North Finland after the massive sack. They will take all the research down to the United States, it seems.

The fate of those 1000 workers looks all gloomy after the sack as Nokia’s Brigde program which offered ex workers skill acquisition after being offset, has been halted.

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