Microsoft Released A Tool For User To Build Their Own Chatbots

Starting today, anyone can now build their version of Chat box from Microsoft. The company released an open source developer tools for those people who have interest of building their own version of chatbots.

Microsoft Released A Tool For User To Build Their Own Chatbots

This was done as support for the company for immediate future in terms of artificial intelligence in connection to conversational aids that is similar to Tay back-firing experiment.

Satya Nadella the company executive announced at the conference that the company is has new Bot Framework which will allow independent developers to create their own personalized bots that will respond to

The company’s chief executive Satya Nadella took to the stage at Microsoft’s Build developer conference to announced a new BotFramework, which will allow developers to build bots that respond to chat messages that is sent via Telegram, GroupMe, Skype, Emails, Text Messages and.

The said announcement came the day after the company officially announced to pull its chatbot experiment after it tweeted that it takes drugs and then spamming users. It was active for few hours before it got deactivated due to making sexy and racist comments around the stated platforms.

Nadella stated that the industry now is on its new frontier to power natural language thru advanced digital machine intelligence.

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