Microsoft’s’ Pro App Rival to Apple News and Flipboard


Microsoft’s Pro app is considered a competing app to Apple News and Flipboard, so why should we use it?

Microsoft experimental Microsoft Garage according to most users says that the app is somewhat similar to News Pro from Apple. An app offering News and mobile mainstay, Just login with your Facebook or even LinkedIn account, where you will have to pic up interest topic which you desire in order to get a selection of algorithmically chosen articles in a mobile friendly format.

Apple’s News Pro has highlights section getting list of top stories and explore tab for user to check out hot and new topics. That type of granularity may be useful to some users, especially those interested in certain subtopics like coding languages.
By just linking your Facebook or LinkedIn account, Microsoft’s will glean topics interest you most from social and work perspective. The app seems succeeds to some but it fail to other portion of users a swell.

The New Pro’s app from Microsoft’s was still unclear. For instance, Garage apps made by hodgepodge of company, often one-off projects put out in the wild and even forgotten. Microsoft mostly move move from one platform to another, and Microsoft has confirmed Android and Windows 10 Mobile users would not be getting News Pro.

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