Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile Update Rolling Out On Mexico

Microsoft Windows 10 update

Good News for those who lived in Mexico, Microsoft’s Windows 10 for mobile will be rolling out this Month specifically February 29, so if you have relatives on there you can somewhat spread the information to them.

Microsoft Windows 10 update

We all know that Microsoft has delayed its Windows 10 update for Mobile for a quite some time now. As to what we said in the past, the update should have started it around December of 2015, but the company was not able to follow its timeline due to some operating system tweaks.

Now, according to Microsoft’s official page on Facebook in Mexico, the update will soon start this year and the possible date will be February 29.

Based from the recent update posted by the company quoted below,

“Hello, the update to Windows 10 will be available as from 29 February, but remember that not all devices will be able to do so”.

The company has not yet verified recent post, as they don’t have announced it on public its plan to rollout the Windows 10 mobile update. As soon as we reached feedback from the company we will then immediately share the info soon.

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