Monstrous Battery for Upcoming Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge

Samssung S7 Monstrous Battery Life

Just last year, Samsung cuts down the battery power on its smartphone lineup. This decision of the company to cut down its power became a weaker points both Galaxy S6 and the Note 5.

Samssung S7 Monstrous Battery Life

As most S6 owners reportedly struggling with their device to survive in a day just for average use, and now, on its upcoming device the rumored curved version for Galaxy S7, this will somewhat swing to other feature or the company might realize the importance of device battery power.

As what we noted on our previous post about confirmations on Samsung about its S7 Edge to contain 3,600mAh power, significantly powerful than Note 5’s with 3,000mAh battery pack, and bigger than Nexus 6P’s with 3,450mAh.this feature lead the company to make its excited.

Samsung expected to uncover Galaxy S7 Edge later this month during at Mobile World Congress. Unlike last year, when its new device shared same size, but this year S7 Edge rumored to have larger than its regular version.

According to source Samsung’s next flagship device is somewhat designed to be water resistant and even supports microSD storage. Hopefully S7 Edge stand out with iPhone’s stellar battery life

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