We have more Samsung products in tow: Oculus CEO

Despite the first product of their partnership still going to hit the shelves next month, Oculus and Samsung has already started planning on another product, nay, products. This was made known by chief executive and founder of Oculus VR, Brendan Iribe.

CEO Iribe looks on as a happy user enjoys an Oculus headset.
CEO Iribe looks on as a happy user enjoys an Oculus headset.

“We’ll work closely with Samsung to develop more products,” the CEO narrated. “We successfully launched the Gear VR with Samsung this year and I’m sure we will continue close relation with Samsung, as always.”

The Samsung Gear VR was developed to integrate with a Samsung Galaxy Note phablet in able to tune you into the world of virtual reality. The headset is scheduled to be available publicly in December starting at $199.

Samsung’s greatest foe, Apple, seems to be interested in the tech too as the Cupertinos were seen advertising a job listing for staff who can “create high performance apps that integrate with Virtual Reality systems for prototyping and user testing.”

Apple VR patent (2)
Apple’s VR machine seems to work differently from Samsung’s. According to patents registered by the iPhone maker in 2013, it looks like Apple’s virtual reality machine won’t require the user to stuff a smartphone into the headset rather, a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or some sort of connection will pair the affected device and the VR headset.

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