Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus allegedly surface in new photos

In the spirit of expecting two of the latest devices that would grace the line-up of Lenovo’s sub-brand, Motorola, we have found what is alleged to be the picture of both of these smartphones online and even if what we have been treated to is just the front part of both devices, this is one very quality leak should this news turn out to have a very high element of truth associated with it.


Officially expected to be dubbed Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus, the leak which comes in form of something of a screenshot looks like the kind of promotional page that a website would set up for the devices when they launch officially.


Likewise, from this leak, we have access to some more specs of the device and they are largely similar as well as they are different.

For on, both devices use a processor that was developed on the octa core technology and us 5.5 inch of display each, indicating that the ‘Plus’ suffix on the latter is merely for changes in the innards than it is on the outside. Again, asides that they both come with turbo charging feature, they both also have 5MP font facing cameras.
To their differences, the 13MP main camera in the G5 is smaller to the 16MP unit found on the Plus and there is also the limitation of internal storage space to 16GB on the G5 while the Plus has a 32GB option to be chosen from.

Finally, the fingerprint sensor technology has been made an exclusive to the bigger brother of the series.

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