Moto G5 Plus Prime Edition Bug Allows Users Unlock Phone After Tapping Lockscreen Ad

Moto G5 Plus Prime Edition Bug Allows Users Unlock Phone After Tapping Lockscreen Ad

The Moto G5 Plus Prime edition being offered by Amazon has been reported to be plagued with a bug which allows the smartphone to be unlocked in a rather unconventional and easy way.

The bug which circumnavigates the essence of locking the smartphone has been reported to allow unlocking of the smartphone when the ads on the lockscreen is tapped on.

The ads on the lockscreen presents itself as a huge and major security flaw especially for users of the Prime Exclusive device.

The security breach was noticed in a video which was posted on social media platform, Twitter, by a user who showed the Prime Exclusive Moto G5 Plus being unlocked without the registered fingerprint of the owner.

The unlock was witnessed after the smartphone had successfully been locked by the user and following the lockscreen ad popup.

The first video sparked several controversies as it had been attributed to personal setting until another YouTube video surfaced online showing the security flaw yet again.
The flaw is claimed to be capable of unlocking the smartphone completely only when Moto Display is turned on. However, it is claimed that the device will not let you back if you leave it locked for a specific length of time speculated to be about 30 seconds.

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