Motorola Germany announces delay in roll-out of Nougat update to Moto Z Play


​Just a few days ago, the German arm of the Motorola firm announced that they already have the Nougat update for their Moto Z family of devices unit, and since then, the users of phones that fall into this category have been expecting it to roll out. This makes it reasonable to assume that the update is scheduled to roll out to units of the Moto Z, Moto Z Fire and likewise, the Moto Z Play. 
However, it seems that one device is missing from the list, and that one wouldn’t be getting the Nougat serving anytime soon.
For now, the Moto Z Play is yet to start getting the same update and this is against the promise of the country which pitted the availability time to the end of January. From Motorola Germany, it has been revealed that the update is under some delays, and it would start to roll out to affected users sometimes in March. If it’s worth anything, you should know that some regions of Europe have already started to get this update.

In other but related news, the German arm of the brand has also revealed that the Moto G4 series would get their own Nougat bump towards the end of this month, and the users of Moto X family of handsets should be looking at a May timeline for their own desserts.

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