Motorola hints at an upcoming device that is ‘smarter than smartphones’

Moto logo 2013

Moto logo 2013Just when you thought the show wouldn’t get any more hotter, here’s Motorola trying you prove you wrong. The Lenovo-owned company has announced that you should be prepared for its “flagship [which is] smarter than any others “smartphones.”

How does it look like? — a  flagship better than others smartphones? We honestly don’t know ’cause we’ve not seen one yet, however, Moto’s flagship, according to @Ricciolo (on Twitter) is “coming soon”.

With the launch of Motorola’s Moto X 2014  (the company’s flagship) barely four months ago back in September, it might be too early to say a successor is on the way indeed but then, let’s keep out fingers crossed and wait to see how Moto will surprise us.

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