Motorola imports the Moto Z into Indian markets

Moto Z
Motorola surely gave rumour mongers a run for their money last week when one of its devices was spotted on GFX bench and because of the model number that this device carried when being tested, it led many people to believe and even carry the news that there would be a 2016 device from the manufacturer and it would be named as a new model of the Moto X line.

The cause of all these confusion has been found to be the number XT1650 which instead of being the model number of the device in question, just happens to be an automatic entry generated by GFX Bench.

The device is, in actuality, none other than one of the three variants of the relatively new Motorola’s Moto Z Android smartphone which already has two predecessors, the Moto Z Droid and the Moto Z Force Droid. Right now, import documents have suggested that the third version mistaken above, going by the name of Moto Z, has been imported in to the Indian market from China.

Right now, we know from the documents that the device is a single SIM variant and is built with 5.5 inches of screen.

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