Motorola India releases new teaser for upcoming launch

When we talk about teasers, Motorola is surely one of the smartphone companies that have gotten their act together and perfected in this regard because how else would you explain the concept behind their new teaser?


Well, not to keep you waiting, the Indian arm of the Lenovo sub brand is really looking to launch a new device in the coming days because there is a new official teaser floating around with just a blurred image of a device in the background and on top of that, a “Coming Soon” caption attached to it.

Showing off this image on their twitter timeline associated with the Indian arm, we are currently of the opinion that this could be the launch of the same Moto M that was seen in China just a few weeks ago. Since this is just a teaser image and we have no idea what the device would really be, there as been no official price leaks yet but we are of the opinion that it would tally towards what Chinese markets is asking for the device too.

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