Motorola Moto E3 officially slated to launch in the Indian market

The Motorola Moto E3 has seen a series of generations, starting from the first to the second and now, we have the third that was launched as recently as July of this year. Now, it has been announced that the third generation device would also rear its head in the Indian market in just a few more weeks to now and to be specific, on the 19th of September.

This is not a rumour in any way but a confirmed announcement from the President of Lenovo APAC.
To give you a reminder of what you are getting, the Moto E3 uses a MediaTek chipset under the hood and runs with a quad core processor which has clock speed of 1GHz. As regards RAM, there is a meagre 1GB on board and the internal storage memory is also small at 8GB.

With the option for expansion, the lights are kept on through the activity of the 2800mAh battery.
As per camera, there is a front unit of 5MP and the rear snapper of 8MP to take videos and pictures too. Finally, the smartphone has been built on the Android Marshmallow 6.0 platform.

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