Motorola Moto G crosses FCC, reveals little details

Motorola Moto G crosses FCC, reveals little details

Next month, we are gearing up for the release of two new units from the stales of Motorola and these ones have been aptly named the Motorola Moto G Plus and Moto G. However, we have only been treated to the bigger option in news and leaks but now, it seems that the younger brother would not mind an appearance.


Motorola Moto G crosses FCC, reveals little details

Stopping by at the office of the FCC in the United States, this just goes on to confirm to us that we would get it at the Barcelona event.
Having been given the green light by FCC, we also got to know some things about this new unit. For one, we all know that FCC is not the place to looks hen we need extensive specs, but the bits are better than nothing. One of the most interesting things about this newbie is the integrated support for NFC, which is the first in the G-series line of devices.


Likewise, the FCC listing revealed that the battery on the nit is on the brink of 3000mAh which is just a 100mAh less than what is being advertised on the Plus.
The rest for the specs are things that we have known so far. For example, we have been intimated the information that the G5 would carry 5.5 inches of screen, 16GB of internal storage space and a 13MP/5MP camera combination.

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  1. Sir, In a recent article about Moto G5 FCC the original source was MotoG3 dot com as you can see in the image watermark so kindly link to the original source.
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