Motorola Special Sale offers up to Rs. 5,000 discount on Moto Smartphones

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Now could be a good time to place orders and own a Motorola smartphone as the mobile tech company announced on Saturday it’s intentions to sell several Moto phones at an affordably reduced price from November 7 to November 9. The goodwill gesture from the smartphone company extends from the Nexus 6, Moto X2, Moto E (2nd Generation), Moto G (3rd Generation) to the Moto X Play with the Moto E going for a special price of Rs. 4,999 and its 4G Version originally launched at a pricing of about Rs. 8,000 would be available at a special price of Rs. 5,999. The Moto G3 also known as the Moto G (third generation) will also be available at an offering of Rs. 1,000 cut on its market price.

The smartphone company’s good gesture extends further to the Nexus 6 and Moto X2 with both smartphones getting almost the heaviest cut of all at an offering of Rs. 5,000 discount on the Nexus 6 making it sell for Rs. 24,999 and at the same discount also for the Moto X2 which now goes for Rs. 14,999 during the special offering period.

Discounts on smartphone exchange and trade-in has also been offered by the smartphone company in case you want to get an upgrade of your Moto smartphone. Discount exists on phones like Moto X Style of up to Rs. 15,000.

The special offer package is however exclusively available to pre-existing users who bought their devices from FlipKart, the exclusive retail partner for Motorola in India.

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