How much Apple spent on iPhone X production

Apple Unveils Next Gen iPhone X
Following the official unveiling of the latest smartphones from Apple, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X, the tech company has been revealed to have spent much less than 50 percent of its price tag on the device.

Recall that the iPhone X was announced some days ago and came into the market with a bezel-less screen along with the exemption of the signature physical home key which placed the TouchID out of context. Instead, the tech company integrated a FacialID feature along with 3GB of RAM and doubled the usual on onboard storage memory.

Information which surfaced online however indicates that the most expensive smartphone in the series of recently released devices from the tech company is much overpriced.

Watchers of the Chinese industry estimated the total production cost of each iPhone X to be $412.75.

The breakdown of the cost of the smartphone which sells for $999 was given by the Chinese watchers to be:

Cost of single panel of iPhone X display: $80 although previous speculations had suggested between $100 and $120 per unit.

Cost of Apple’s new A11 bionic chipset: $26 with the Qualcomm built custom model costing $18.

Cost of 3D Face ID sensor: $25

Front panel glass protection: $18.

Cost of NAND memory module from Toshiba: $45 (for the high-end 256GB variant),

Cost of 3GB of RAM: $24.

The list however included some more components which brings the total production cost of the iPhone X to $412.75

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