Mysterious Image From HTC One M10

This teasing picture below has been circulating on tech websites, so rather than jumping to official announcements; we will tell you information about HTC’s plans based from our insider research.

Mysterious Image From HTC One M10

So here we go, based from what HTC does in 2015 it seems that they have decided to focus on mid-range devices and Vive as well, that was based on the recent Mobile World Congress. Well the people’s eyes were paid off with HTC Valve collaboration with Virtual Reality experience.

We are saying this not because HTC’s Vive VR dominating MWC 2016 headlines and it does not mean that will not work on a follow up device line up after One M9. But at least, we are sure where the company is heading to.

So if you happen to check on HTC’s social media not one but a quite number, you will see this image posted above, that image was the same like image that we received from HTC and to all of its member including the press, but besides from that no other information was posted but instead teasing us all the way, so stay tuned.

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