All You Need to Know About Samsung’s Flagship Galaxy S7 camera

To be honest, we have heard lots of disappointments regarding  the product cycle of Samsung Galaxy S6 last 2016, specifically on the company’s growing device shift to produce low-end device in the market.

Samsung Camera

The falling of its device market price drastically fallen towards the average scale and the slumping of its profit in the mobile division, Samsung dusted its flagship line of device series with just an improvement in the device camera, increase RAM, faster processor, always display, improving its water resistance feature and supporting microSD cards.

As what we have seen with ArsTechnica recent post, he clearly noted that Galaxy S7 and Edge series look similar to its old predecessors, meaning it may be the same with the old one, from camera that is flush on the back of the device, now the device was just in curved like design in similar to Note 5.

As what Samsung sys that it is Dual Pixel at 12MP camera with special sensors that is larger at f/1.7 aperture lens and its device pixels are 30 percent larger than Apple’s iPhone 6s, they are claiming an edge in a low light photo capture and a faster focusing, along with special Motion Panorama capture feature mode.

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