New and improved Google Pixel renders shows off both smartphones

We have already had a leak on one of the Pixel smartphones and given that there was no other one by its side to compare it to, we could not compare it and contrast and even, get which one of the upcoming versions it would be.

Now though, we have been saved that kind of trouble as there have been new renders on the internet and these ones, being as clear as the last ne we got, also feature both of the smartphones side by side.

These new set of renders show the smartphones in all of their glory and although we can’t say that we are too impressed with the design, the idea of mixing the use of glass with metal on the back is surely one of the best things to look forward to.

As regards the branding on the device, the “G” that shows up on the lower back is a recurrent thing and we know for sure already that this would come to stay.

What we are not sure about currently is the rumoured touchpads which they said would rest at the back of both devices and since renders can’t give us everything, we would need to chill out till the official launch.

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