New Android Update for Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Today

Samsung just announced they are now rolling out its latest version of Android for Galaxy S6 and Edge starting February 15. Naturally the update speed to your phone device relies on your network carrier on your area and eventually some user may not see this update for some certain time or might be a delay.

New update for Samsung S6 and S6 Edge

So the question is what’s up with the latest update? First of all let us look at the Marshmallow from Google. Eventually everything will be at ease; emails, location and information are synchronized immediately

So with the new update its app standby has been improved, based from record Samsung S6 and Edge weakness was its battery, as it does not have the best battery as to other competing device does. The standby feature allows phone to automatically sleep when not in use in order to save power.

Device security was also improved, specifically on its app permissions, on this update Android 6 will now ask you about certain permissions when execute the app. Example for twitter, it will now ask you’re your permission before it can access your photos and camera.

Fingerprint signing fixes and updates, not you can sign in to apps by just your fingerprint.

Overall, huge changes are coming for your Samsung S6 and Edge, added with exciting and new phone features.

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