New Android Virus that Steals Sensitive Information On your Phone

Just recently we discovered a Trojan Virus for Android that steals sensitive data like bank credentials, the virus can even wipe out our phone.

New Android Virus

As we just mentioned, this new android virus can wipe out compromised android smartphones and steal your bank data, this was warned by security experts.

Mazar BOT an Android malware silently reading your system, the said virus can be activated by just reading a multimedia message. After it is installed, this malware will have rights to access almost everything on your device.

The information that we received from our source about the android malware was alarming to all target androids. Does the malware can even read messages on your SMS. Not just reading it has also the ability to even send messages to its premium number the worst thing it can even wipe out your phone data.

The current detection level of the virus on most antiviruses is very low which was considered alarming. According to a Danish Security “Mazar BOT” reportedly to sell several websites on Dark Web, but this is the first time the the code was abuse in attacks, posted on their security blog update.

As of now the basic remedy to get rid of this app is to switch your phone to Russian language so the malware will not be installed.

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