New Apple tech will let your iPhone fall like a cat and away from danger

Apple office
A cat is often a man’s best friend, but while these cute animals are doing what they know best — being cute — a lot of features can be learnt from these mysterious animals to improve the life of humans.

You’ve probably heard of “a cat with nine lives” but think about an iPhone with nine lives. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your phone, instead of smashing, screen-first into the hard concrete, would turn around quickly to land safely on it’s back?

That’s exactly what Apple is making/going to make. The Cupertino tech giant, iPhone, iPod, iPod and Macintosh computers maker has registered a few patents that will wow many competitors right in the feels.

Apple cat patent
According to a patent entry which was just approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a future iPhone will use gyroscopes, accelerometers, and GPS to keep it’s screen from fatal damage by literally trying to land on it’s back.

Before you get all excited, hold on there, champ. Registration of this patent doesn’t simply mean that Apple has created something. There’s not a single demo or prototype yet, but this move will go a long way in getting competitors like Samsung off their butts in making their own similar technology.

Finally, at the end of the day, whether it’s Apple, or¬†Samsung or whoever else that makes the best product out of this type of tech, it’s the consumer who stands to gain most.

More pictures of the application:

Apple cat patent (2)  Apple cat patent (3) Apple cat patent (4)

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