New Galaxy Note 7 units from South Korea reported to be overheating, draining fast

After having successfully replaced a large fraction of the Galaxy Note 7 units that were recalled due to the explosion saga, Samsung should be resting in their hammocks now and commending themselves for a crises well managed but it seems that even the new units are not free from their own problems.

From the consumers of the product in their own home country of South Korea, there has already been numerous reports of the Note 7 overheating and also, losing battery charge faster than normal.

These reports have been limited to South Korea only and for now, we are thinking that it is just a panic response from people after the kind of tragic experience that a lot of customers reported in the wake of the explosion issues. Should this kind of thing not be reported in any other part of the world, it is bound to die down soon and this is what Samsung would be hoping for at this time.

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