New Galaxy S8 leak talks about fingerprint scanner, home button, other features

New Galaxy S8 leak talks about fingerprint scanner, home button, other features

David Ruddock just knows how best to greet tech fans a happy and good morning, and he has dropped a leak on the upcoming Galaxy S8 via his Twitter account. Given that he has not made a citing of a verifiable source, we would just go ahead and take this new leak with a pinch of salt, although we would still do well to report it. The new rumour spewed out by the social media user’s account doesn’t make any confirmation or denials on what we have heard so far, doing what others have been doing best too – speculating.
The first rumour addressed the hardware keys and how next year might be the start of the demise. We have heard this before also as there are numerous rumours to suggest that Samsung is going for an all screen design. This means that they would have to use some kind of 3D touch capability which makes the screen pressure sensitive at the place where the home button is supposed to be.
For the fingerprint scanning technology, we have previously heard that Samsung is looking to integrate this into the screen but according to Ruddock, the back of the device might now be the best option for Samsung even though the exact placement was not stated by his source.
Slated for an April announcement now and sales after, this is the big release of Samsung after the ill-fated Note 7, and they would do anything to make it perfect.

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