New HTC M10 Images Exposed

The HTC mobile company has not much success in terms of keeping its upcoming Smartphone device in the market. As we know in the recent post that we have, we tend to post leaks regarding their upcoming flagship device.

New HTC M10 Images Exposed

This time, the latest batch of leaks even claim more accurate as compared to the earlier version of leaks that was posted on some of the leak website online including ours of course.

New pictures’ regarding M10 has been circulating around the digital world this weekend revealing the Smartphone’s total packages including its casing from angle to the cover variants. The photos that were posted first on a Chinese site identified as Taobao. The site offers a closer look with the M10’s design, expected to improve its classic version of HTC one that was introduced in the past years.

According to source HTC 10 come in three variants. The high-end offers a Snapdragon 820, at 4GB RAM and 128GB storage for a price tag of 5,888 yuan (estimated around $906), while similar model with same processor but 3GB RAM and 32GB storage cost 4,999 yuan (estimated around $770). And lastly the HTC’s alleged mid-range device alternative, at Snapdragon 652, 3GB RAM and 16GB storage for 3799 yuan (around $585).

Based from the variants, the possibility of cheaper version could directly hit the mobile targets in China, but we will soon find out the result next month.

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