New leaks shows what might be Sony’s lineup at MWC

Like always, we are gearing up to one of the most massive smartphone events in history, and MWC 2017 is already shaping up to be a great showpiece. There have been a lot of excitements in various smartphone camps, and Sony is not hoping to be lost out on the excitement. 


There have been a few renders floating around, and we have some leaks to consider too, but that just seems to be that about it. Not now anymore though, as someone claims to have an inside scoop on how things work over at Sony.

We would say you should take this with a pinch of salt, but given that this leaks from an untrusted site in Georgia, we advise that you use as much sat as you see fit. Anyways, we are looking at 5devices to be launched ta MWC 2017 if this news is on the money, and they are all interesting. 


At the frontline is said to be the Sony Yoshino which would have 4K recording capabilities, pack 5.5 inch of screen and 4 – 6GB of RAM. Next is the Sony BlancBright which is expected to use QHD on the same 5.5 inch of screen. 

Likewise, the 4GB would be the least RAM option.


We get the Sony Keyaki next, coming down to 5.2 inches and packing 4GB of RAM too with 64GB internal space. Smaller is the 5 inch Sony Hinoki with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage, and last but not least, the Sony Mineo, which doesn’t have much on it for now.

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