New LG G4 variant gets FCC certification

LG is known for making a device and then making multiple variants of that same device. That is the same thing that this mobile smartphone brand is doing with the LG G4 project as a new smartphone of their just got FCC certification and from the looks of it, it happens to be an LG G4 variant.

As we are well aware, variants of devices are usual lu created to have the same physical build but then differ in internal components. This means that we would have something different in the LG G4 and we know what it is – wireless charging capabilities. To be frank though, LG came late to this party as smartphone makers have started to include this feature into the overall make of their devices from early 2015.

From the FCC, we are yet to get the full specification rundown of this device but it is believed that in due time, we would have it.

It is important to note at this point though that the LG G4 has enjoyed a wide range of varieties in the market, having different variants built for South America and South Africa, EMEA Regions and even, Verizon and T-Mobile got their own builds.

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