New reports claims that Samsung had to field up to 26 false claims of Note 7 explosions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units first launched and all the press that it got around that time were perfectly great press up until the time that someone connected it to a power source via the alternative USB Type C cable and the device caught fire.

After that incident, there has then been a report of over three dozen cases worldwide of users complaining that they have faulty smartphones that caught fire to and according to a recent breakdown, most of the reports received were just false claims.

Of all the received report, there has been a confirmed total of 26 which are just pure ruses and could have ben as a result of the owners of those smartphones just waning to get Samsung into court and win a cheap lawsuit or even, get a free phone to themselves. A report came from Canada of a user who took a picture of the smartphone online and claimed to Samsung that it was his, while another Singaporean report couldn’t be resolved after they asked the person to provide proof and they couldn’t.

Overall, the device is still a very good one although Samsung has to take some of the blame for shipping smartphones with faulty batteries. For those that are still interested, new and blameless units of this smartphone are being shipped again now.

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