New Smartphone System That Can Automatically Diabetes

Indeed a great update for those who suffer from diabetes, sooner diabetic patients may be able to trench constant finger punctures and insulin injections, thanks to the new Smartphone based system that can control blood sugar levels.


Recently, a research reveals that a Smartphone based system combined with tiny sensor and a wearable insulin pump, can even stand for pancreas, blood sugar levels monitoring and can deliver insulin as per needed.

As to date, the mentioned system will enter its two final phases for international trials this 2016.

“We’ve been working on this specific artificial pancreas as it’s called since 2006,” said by the lead Smartphone based system researcher Boris Kovatchev, the director of University of Virginia Center (UVC) for Diabetes Technology.

The Smartphone based system has readily available blood and glucose sensor – this was about the size of flash drive – can be worn in variety of places on person’s body, such as in the arm, leg, or even in the abdomen, ‘Ars Technica’ reported.

The sensor can immediately read blood and glucose levels every five minutes and wirelessly reports its result to a specially designed app on nearby android Smartphone.
The app’s special algorithm analyses the received data and controls the discreet,
wearable insulin pump attached in the person body, which can also be hooked to belt or piece of clothing. The special pump has very fine needle that directly deliver insulin into the person’s blood stream.

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