New Teaser From HTC 10 Suggests a BoomSound Feature

In the past when HTC One M7 was launched, the company introduced a unique feature during that time called the “BoomSound”. This feature was first introduced in all of its mobile line-ups.

New Teaser From HTC 10 Suggests a BoomSound Feature

This feature simply places dual speaker that faces in the front(most device has speakers on back and in an angle) to give its users extra amazing experience in audio play, but it seems that the feature was not that catchy with most of the market that time.

The BoomSound speakers has internal audio enhancement software that is powered by the popular Beats, this was added due to the fact that HTC owned portion of the Beats shared on that point. But in years as latest HTC One device come and gone in the mobile arena, Beats shares by HTC has been sold back to the company, HTC phones started to ditch its own dual front speakers, while the BoomSound feature morphed into what the previous Beats on HTC device has, adding a personalized audio enhancer software.

What we are saying in this post is that the BoomSound referred to a dual speakers facing in front, but now stands for software enhancement in the HTC devices. By carrying BoomSound, HTC say that every phone has its own audio enhancement without any expensive hardware added to it.

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