New WhatsApp Android Document Uploader Now Rolling Out

Just recently the popular WhatsApp android application has rolling out its feature called new document uploading.

New WhatsApp Android Document Uploader Now Rolling Out

This new feature has already been used by users who upgraded their device software (including us), so this new features allows us to upload PDF’s. but what surprises as was that document formats was not supported as to this moment but hopefully in the future will be added.

But before the app testing started, WhatsApp as maximum of six attachment options which includes Contact, Location, Video, Gallery and Photo. The new updates now combine Photo and the Video into single Camera option, which includes Documents keeping other files as is.

So our sources noticed that sudden change in which one the document was uploaded them will show up in device media history along with the other files shared from your device. The thing that some people like was the ability to download the file with options like Wi-Fi only or just your cellular network.

But all gathered evidence points out that it does not necessarily depend on the type of app version installed. You can just visit Play store and download it there directly.

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