New York Mandating Back Doors into its Phone Devices


Just last week a bill was reintroduced in congress, New York wants to make easy for government to get within every smartphones. This was a proposal that will mandate all smartphone manufacturers able to unlock all phones they produce.

The bill was first introduced last 2015 from Mathew Titone of North Shore. Stated in the Consumer Affairs and Protection committee, so this will have still a long way before it will reach to its approval and becoming a law.

A cryptographic can be the same as back door in which this could access privacy of the phone device.

“Back door” metaphor is not far from truth, so let us say something about it a minute. In a recent memo sent in support of the bill, the author does that for the benefit of its users.

Except, and the crucial point, if there are mandated back door, then it is not safe to keep data on our device for the government can access to it, , Bruce Schneier a security researcher wrote when Apple introduced strong encryption:

Under New York bill, companies that will not provide or build these back doors could face legal penalties. And this would result to massive amount of fines reaching tens of millions for single company like Apple, whose devices designed to have no cryptographic or back door, and only unlock able by owner.

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