Next Galaxy Tab to dual-boot Android and Windows?

Next Galaxy Tab to dual-boot Android and Windows

Just last week, we received a report that Microsoft is offering HTC it’s Windows Phone 8 operating system to slap on the HTC One(and others) for free, in a bid to save HTC from a disease called dwindling fortunes.

Here we are this week. A report making rounds on the Internet today said the people at Redmond — *cough*Micro *cough* fill-in-the-gap — are desperate to shove their mobile operating system into any device they could lay their hands on. It was reported they are begging Samsung to put their OS on the upcoming Galaxy Tab.

OK, let’s be serious, Windows OS on smartphones is not entirely a failed venture. In recent months, Windows has been picking pace, but perhaps not the kind of pace Microsoft wants. Recent statistics showed increasing market share for Windows phones and tablets.

Next Galaxy Tab to dual-boot Android and Windows
If Samsung agrees to Microsoft’s demands, we might see the next Samsung Galaxy Tab dual-booting Windows and Android, just like we saw in the Galaxy Ativ Q that was released earlier this year.


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