NextBit Robin spotted on GFXbench with the Nougat 7.1.1 running


The last time we heard about the cloud based phone that was developed by NextBit – the Robin – it was that the company was trying to develop the Nougat to be able to run on the units. 

This news came as far back as November of last year and with the new update they were planning, the Nougat would surely roll out to their units. However, it sees that not only are they planning to get the Nougat in this device, but the 7.1.1 version instead of the base one.

Of a fact, the company has started to test one of the units that has this new one up and running on it, all thanks to a listing that popped upon GFXBench. For now, though, it is sad to report that there is no news on when this update would be rolled out but if reports are anything to go by, early next month is the timeframe we are looking at. 
All we can do is hope the tests go well and they release it soon.

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