Nexus 5X gets stuck on bootloop, hangs and crashes after Nougat 7.0 update

After the launch of the Android Nougat 7.0, we started to hear about how some developers have begun to port the software to other devices that were not even listed as part of the official smartphones to receive the update and likewise, we got a list of smartphones that would be getting the Nougat up and running on them.

Well, it seems that all of these official devices do not have what it takes yet to handle to the power of the big 7 as a lot of Nexus 5X users have started to complain about random crashes on their smartphones after updating to Nougat.

According to them, some of them started to face these issues immediately after they upgraded to the Nougat while others had been using the new software for a while before the anomaly started to occur. The reports claim that after a while, the phone started to crash and reboot itself and in the worst case scenarios, the device just got stuck in the boot loop menu and stopped responding, probably damaging the smartphone for good.

For those that are yet to make this jump, it is advisable that you hold off till the engineers at Google release an official statement and a fix is provided.

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