Nexus 5x sells for $240 on an eBay deal

If you are currently staying in the United States and you have been meaning to have the Nexus experience for a while now, this is like the best time for you to make a decision because you can now get one of last year’s finest smartphones, the Nexus 5X from LG, for a price of just $240 in that region.

If you would love to enjoy this deal, head over to eBay and look for the seller who goes by the name mobilepros1 because that’s the account where this reduced price offering was found.

The variant being offered is the one that has 32GB of internal storage space and considering that it initially launched at a price of $350 and third party retailers sell it reduced at $300, this is a proper deal for you to consider, and fast too.

The seller has stated that the stock of the smartphone is limited already and as of now, more than 1600 units of the device has been sold already.

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